Adding the remaining Question Slides

To speed you up and let you focus on the Question Slides specifics, the remaining Question Slides of this project have already been created for you. They are stored in the Chapter07/additionalQuestions.cptx file. In this section, you will copy and paste the questions of the additionalQuestions.cptx file into the takeTheTrain.cptx file:

  1. Open the Chapter07/additionalQuestions.cptx project.
  2. Use the Filmstrip of the additionalQuestions.cptx file to select the first slide.
  3. Hold the Shift key down and select slide 3 in the Filmstrip panel.

This action selects from slide 1 to slide 3. In other words, you have selected all but the last slide of the additionalQuestions.cptx file. The last slide of this project ...

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