Step 1 - Creating the Mute button

The first ingredient is the Mute button itself, which you will create using the following steps.

  1. Still in the Chapter13/takeTheTrain.cptx file, use the Filmstrip to return to the first slide of the project.
  2. Use the Shapes icon on the Toolbar to create a new oval anywhere on the slide.
  3. With the new shape selected, look at the Properties inspector.
  1. In the Options tab, give your oval a Width and a Height of 35 px. This is the best way to ensure that the oval is actually a circle. Note that you must deselect the Constrain proportions checkbox to be able to set the Width and the Height of the object independently from each other.
  2. In the Style tab, Change the Fill type to Image Fill.
  3. Click the Fill button (1) ...

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