Importing a style

In order to use your custom DiDaXo-SlideTitle style in another project, you will now use the Object Style Manager to import the .cps file, created in the previous section, in the takeTheTrain.cptx project using the following steps:

  1. Open the Chapter06/takeTheTrain.cptx file.
  2. Use the Edit | Object Style Manager menu item to open the Object Style Manager.
  3. In the Object Style Manager, expand the Standard Objects section, then the Smart Shape subsection.
  4. Select the Title object.

Notice that your DiDaXo-SlideTitle style is not listed in the middle column. This is because the styles listed in the Object Style Manager are specific to the active file only. In Captivate, each project has its own list of styles.

  1. At the bottom of ...

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