Update CRUD operation

The update operation will update the existing data in our database. What follows is its implementation:

    val NOTE = object : Crud<Note> { 
       override fun update(what: Note) = update(listOf(what)) 
       override fun update(what: Collection<Note>): Int { 
         val db = DbHelper(name, version).writableDatabase 
         var updated = 0 
         what.forEach { item -> 
           val values = ContentValues() 
           val table = DbHelper.TABLE_NOTES 
           values.put(DbHelper.COLUMN_TITLE, item.title) 
           values.put(DbHelper.COLUMN_MESSAGE, item.message) 
           values.put(DbHelper.COLUMN_LOCATION_LATITUDE,           item.location.latitude) 
           values.put(DbHelper.COLUMN_LOCATION_LONGITUDE,           item.location.longitude) 
           db.update(table, values, "_id = ?",  arrayOf(item.id.toString())) updated++ ...

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