Mastering Arduino by Building Real World Applications

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Learn Arduino Programming to build a working prototype of your next idea.

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  • Great course for anyone starting to learn about Arduino microcontroller.
  • A really good course for the beginners to start and learn Arduino and coding, with a really good collection of examples.

In Detail

The course is designed for beginners to advance Arduino Users. It doesn't matter if you already know C Programming. We will begin our journey of learning Arduino right from the basics. You can quickly brush-up the Concept of C Programming in the context of Arduino. Later on, we will make some Arduino Projects. The concept learned in the early part of the course will help us take projects to the next level (advanced).

The Biggest objective of this course is to get you hands-on experience with Arduino. This course will not only help you learn Arduino Programming but also help you understand underlying hardware and protocols. We'll build some cool projects which will motivate you to learn the concept of electronics.

We will set up every circuit from scratch and write Arduino programs for it. We will spend enough time, in the beginning, to get basics right. This will save time, in the long run, to get you confident to solve complex Arduino programming tasks. Later on, we'll be building some mini projects using LED, Switches, Sensors (Temperature/Humidity/Light/Distance), PIR Motion Sensor, Motors (DC/Servo), Display (Character/TFT Touch Screen), IR Sensor, Ethernet Shield, Wireless ZigBee Module, Bluetooth Module (HC-05), Streaming Live Data to IoT Cloud (Internet of Things) and many more. These Projects will be small yet very powerful which enable you to get hands-on experience with different technologies related to Embedded Software and Hardware Development.

In the end, we will connect all the bits and pieces we have learned so far to deliver bigger projects. These Arduino Project will Include Remote Weather Monitoring Solution, Smart Home Automation, Wireless Sensor Network, etc.

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  • Title: Mastering Arduino by Building Real World Applications
  • Author(s): Umesh Lokhande
  • Release date: September 2019
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781839210273