22. Once the preview window closes, locate the AVI le on your computer and play the video in
your favorite media player.
23. Repeat the process using a different resolution or visual style. For a fully rendered drive-
through, choose the Presentation option from the Render Presets drop-down menu. This may
take several h ours depending on your frame rate, resolution, and processor speed, but the
results can be quite spectacular for a public hearing or similar event.
The Bottom Line
Apply render materials to a corridor using a code set style. Visualizing corridors is useful
for creating complete site models for your own better understanding of the design, and for
sharing with your clients and regulating agencies. The first step in visualizing a corridor is to
apply a code set style that will automatically assign render materials to certain codes.
Master It Open the drawing file Mastering Visualization.dwg. Apply the All Codes
code set style.
Apply a Realistic visual style to a corridor model. Once the appropriate code set style has
been assigned, the corridor can be seen with its render materials with a Realistic visual style
Master It Continue working in the file Mastering Visualization.dwg. Apply the Realis-
tic visual style to the drawing.
Create a 3D DWF from a corridor model. One way you can share your visualized corridor
is through 3D DWF. Autodesk Design Review is a free application that you can direct your
clients to download from 3D DWFs can be opened, navigated, and analyzed
using Design Review.
Master It Continue working in the file Mastering Visualization.dwg. Create a 3D DWF
from the drawing and open it in Autodesk Design Review.

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