Figure 4.16
Edit points in Panorama
You can access a similar interface in the Prospector tab of Toolspace by highlighting the Points
collection (see Figure 4.17).
Figure 4.17
Prospector lets you
view your entire Points
collection at once
Changing Point Elevations
In addition to the basic point-editing functions, advanced tools are available for manipulating
points (see Figure 4.18), in the context-sensitive panel that opens when a point object is selected.
Figure 4.18
Advanced point-editing
commands i n the ribbon
As noted earlier, you can create points from a surface elevation. But if you already have a
batch of points in your drawing that you’d like to move up to a surface, you can choose Datum
from the Modify panel after choosing Points from the Ground Data panel on the Modify tab (see
Figure 4.19).

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