2. Choose P oints from File from the Import panel of the Insert tab. The Import Points dialog
3. Be sure the Format is PNEZD (comma-delimited), and then click the white + sign and select
Survey.txt (which you can download from www.sybex.com/masteringcivil3d2010).
4. Select Open and then click OK to exit the dialogs and review the results.
5. At the Command: prompt, type LAYISO and press
. Select one of the points labeled Top of
Bank and press
and notice that the layer is isolated. (Note: You may have to REGEN if you
are still seeing other points not on the Top of Bank layer.)
6. Open the Description Key Sets branch on the Settings tab of the Toolspace.
7. Right-click on Civil 3D and select Edit Keys. The DescKey Editor will open in Panorama.
8. Review the layers found on the Display tab for the TOPB* and BOTB* Style.
9. Review the layer selected on the General tab in the Label Style Composer for both the TOPB*
and BOTB* Point Label Style.
10. Review the Layer settings for both the BOTB* and TOPB* codes as selected in the DescKey
The Bottom Line
Import points from a text file using description-key matching. Most engineering offices
receive text files containing point data at some point during a project. Description keys pro-
vide a way to automatically assign the appropriate styles, layers, and labels to newly imported
Master It Create a new drawing from _AutoCAD Civil 3D (Imperial) NCS.dwt.Revise
the Civil 3D description key set to use the parameters listed in Table 4.4.
Table 4.4: Civil 3D Description Key Set Parameters
Code Point Style Point Label Style Format Layer
GS Standard Elevation Only Ground Shot V-NODE
GUY Guy Pole Elevation and Description Guy Pole V-NODE
HYD Hydrant (existing) Elevation and Description Existing Hydrant V-NODE-WATR
TOP Standard Point#-Elevation-Description Top of Curb V-NODE
TREE Tree Elevation and Description Existing Tree V-NODE-TREE
Import the MasteringPointsPNEZDspace.txt file from the data location, and confirm that
the description keys made the appropriate matches by looking at a handful of points of each
type. Do the trees look like trees? Do the hydrants look like hydrants?
Create a point group. Building a surface using a point group is a common task. Among other
criteria, you may want to filter out any points with zero or negative elevations from your Topo
point group.
Master It Create a new point group called Topo that includes all points except those with
elevations of zero or less.
Export points to LandXML and ASCII format. It’s often necessary to export a LandXML
or an ASCII file of points for stakeout or data-sharing purposes. Unless you want to export
every point from your drawing, it’s best to create a point group that isolates the desired point
Master It Create a new point group that includes all the points with a raw description of
TOP. Export this point group via LandXML and to a PNEZD Comma Delimited text file.
Create a point t able. Point tables provide an opportunity to list and study point properties.
In addition to basic point tables that list number, elevation, description, and similar options,
you can customize point-table formats to include user-defined property fields.
Master It Create a point table for the Topo point group using the PNEZD format table

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