CHAPTER 19 Working in the Construction Phase

In this chapter, we will explore the use of Autodesk® Revit® Architecture software in the construction phase by design teams and builders. For design teams, the use of Revit Architecture usually entails markups, sketches, and revision management; however, a builder may approach building information modeling (BIM) tools in unique ways. Many different BIM programs are available for builders to use in preconstruction and construction phase tasks, so we will not assume that Revit is the primary tool used by the majority of them.

In this chapter, you’ll learn to:

  • Add revisions to your project
  • Use digital markups
  • Model for construction

Using Revisions in Your Project

Revisions allow designers and builders to track changes made to a set of construction documents during the construction phase of a project. Because the construction documents usually consist of numerous sheets, this methodology allows everyone on the team to track and identify which changes were made and when they were made during construction. The purpose is not only to ensure correct construction but also to create as-built documentation recording how the building was actually created to be delivered to building owners upon occupancy.

In a typical drawing set, revisions will look like Figure 19.1 when they are created and issued as part of the drawing set. Revision clouds themselves are created within views that are placed on the sheets. The revision tag is also placed ...

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