Mastering Cassandra

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Unleash the power of Cassandra to develop complex and feature-rich web applications for efficient data management

About This Video

  • Master the art of building complex real-time web applications and put Cassandra into production with ease

  • Collect, scrap, and manage data feeds from multiple sources and integrate them into Cassandra

  • Explore a wide range of Cassandra components and their interaction with Spring and Java frameworks to create robust, distributed systems

  • In Detail

    As technology evolves, the constant upsurge of data creation leads to a continuous need for a more flexible, secure, and reliable manner of storage. Luckily, Cassandra is able to tackle this growing challenge. Cassandra is a flagship NoSQL database with decentralized, fault-tolerant, scalable, and low-cost features making it a core component of cloud computing systems. The more recent versions have greatly improved the security features, making it suitable for use in enterprise systems. When combined with Java and Spring frameworks, Cassandra can formulate a complete application stack thereby enabling efficient data management.

    Mastering Cassandra is a power house of various advanced techniques that will help you become an expert in professional-level data management. This video course starts off from the essence of the web application architecture to setting up the environment with a single-node Cassandra cluster, and takes you to a level where you can build, implement, and secure web applications with ease.

    In this step-by-step guide we will develop a real-time web portal application in Java and Cassandra. We'll start off by touching upon the major components of a Java web application and the development tools for the course, and then go deeper into the system analysis and designing of the CassandraWebTrader focusing on the Spring Framework projects. Through our journey to master Cassandra, we'll be working with core concepts and design patterns such as dependency injection, aspect-oriented programming, model-view-controller, and enterprise integration patterns.

    We'll build the CassandraWebTrader and implement all the typical functions of a web application as well as demonstrate the application of modeling-by-query techniques of Cassandra data modeling. In addition to this, we’ll understand the techniques and design trade-offs of a real-world complex system. Finally, we will ace production configuration of CassandraWebTrader and discuss the most pertinent tasks in our daily operations, such as application monitoring and database backup.

    By the end of this course, you will be armed with all the knowledge needed to efficiently design and develop Java web applications using Cassandra.

    Table of contents

    1. Chapter 1 : Introducing Java Web Development
      1. The Course Overview 00:03:28
      2. Web Application Technologies 00:04:45
      3. Java Web Frameworks 00:04:24
      4. Data Persistence 00:03:30
      5. CassandraWebTrader 00:04:12
    2. Chapter 2 : Setting Up Our Toolbox
      1. Java Development Kit 00:03:13
      2. Apache Maven 00:02:18
      3. The Eclipse IDE 00:02:22
      4. The Spring Framework 00:03:45
      5. Apache Tomcat 00:02:58
    3. Chapter 3 : Designing CassandraWebTrader
      1. User Requirements 00:02:57
      2. Modules and Functions 00:03:20
      3. The Data Model 00:02:17
      4. The Class Model 00:02:56
      5. The Screen Design 00:02:48
    4. Chpater 4 : Understanding the Spring Framework
      1. The Spring Core 00:06:15
      2. The Spring Web MVC 00:04:53
      3. Spring Security 00:02:44
      4. Spring Data Cassandra 00:06:14
      5. Spring Integration 00:05:41
    5. Chapter 5 : Deep Diving into Spring Data Cassandra
      1. The Core Concepts 00:04:50
      2. The Query Methods 00:03:33
      3. Cassandra Template 00:03:16
      4. Configuration 00:04:09
      5. Administration Template 00:05:07
    6. Chapter 6 : Building CassandraWebTrader - Part 1
      1. The Spring Web MVC Architecture 00:05:11
      2. Forms and Annotations 00:03:43
      3. Responsive Web Applications with Bootstrap 00:04:40
      4. Making Charts with D3.js 00:03:27
      5. E-mail Setup 00:02:59
    7. Chapter 7 : Building CassandraWebTrader - Part 2
      1. Internationalization 00:04:13
      2. Watchlist 00:07:58
      3. Data Feed and the Scheduler 00:04:53
      4. JSON and the Stock Chart 00:04:44
      5. Registration and Flash Messages 00:04:54
    8. Chapter 8 : Building CassandraWebTrader - Part 3
      1. Logging In and Authentication 00:05:56
      2. Trading Signal 00:04:20
      3. Signal History 00:04:10
      4. E-mail Alerts 00:04:41
      5. User Role and Authorization 00:03:35
    9. Chapter 9 : Deploying to Production
      1. Send E-mail Alerts to Members 00:03:40
      2. Retrieve Forgotten Password 00:03:01
      3. Refine and Clean Up 00:03:02
      4. The Spring Boot Actuator 00:03:25
      5. Deploying the Spring Boot Application 00:05:50
    10. Chapter 10 : Conclusion
      1. Course Wrap-up 00:03:06
      2. Further References 00:04:27

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    • Title: Mastering Cassandra
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: July 2015
    • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
    • ISBN: 9781784396381