Deploying a Ceph cluster with Rook

To deploy a Ceph cluster with Rook and Kubernetes, Vagrant will be used to create three VMs that will run the Kubernetes cluster.

The first task you'll complete is the deployment of three VMs via Vagrant. If you have followed the steps at that start of this chapter and used Vagrant to build an environment for Ansible, then you should have everything you require to deploy VMs for the Kubernetes cluster.

The following is the Vagrantfile to bring up three VMs; as before, place the contents into a file called Vagrantfile in a new directory and then run vagrant up:

nodes = [  { :hostname => 'kube1',  :ip => '', :box => 'xenial64', :ram => 2048, :osd => 'yes' }, { :hostname => 'kube2', :ip => '', ...

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