Serving pages

First up are our static pages. While we handled this the idiomatic way earlier, there exists the ability to rewrite our requests, better handle specific 404 error pages, and so on by using the http.ServeFile function, as shown in the following code:

  path := r.URL.Path;

  staticPatternString := "static/(.*)"
  templatePatternString := "template/(.*)"
  dynamicPatternString := "dynamic/(.*)"

  staticPattern := regexp.MustCompile(staticPatternString)
  templatePattern := regexp.MustCompile(templatePatternString)
  dynamicDBPattern := regexp.MustCompile(dynamicPatternString)

  if staticPattern.MatchString(path) {
    page := staticPath + staticPattern.ReplaceAllString(path, 
     "${1}") + ".html"

    http.ServeFile(rw, r, page)

Here, we simply relegate all requests ...

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