Implementing a simple network data structure in Python and race conditions

Let's consider a starting implementation of this data structure in Python. Navigate to the Chapter16/ file, as follows:

# Chapter16/network.pyimport timefrom random import choiceclass Network:    def __init__(self, primary_key, primary_value):        self.primary_key = primary_key = {primary_key: primary_value}    def __str__(self):        result = '{\n'        for key in            result += f'\t{key}: {[key]};\n'        return result + '}'    def add_node(self, key, value):        if key not in  [key] = value            return True        return False        # precondition: the object has more than one node left    def refresh_primary(self):        del[self.primary_key] self.primary_key ...

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