Mastering D3.js

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Master the art of creating interesting and effective data visualizations with D3.js

About This Video

  • Watch a real data visualization grow from nothing to something awesome right before your eyes

  • Scrape data from the web and learn to process it effectively to build a great app

  • Master D3.js with real-world code samples, tips and tricks, and hard-earned lessons about clean code

  • In Detail

    Everyone collects data, but few ever understand their data. That’s because they need a graph or a diagram to force them to notice what they never expected to see. Data is useless without a picture and D3.js is the workhorse of turning data into pictures. Most charting libraries on the Web rely on it.

    Mastering D3.js will show you everything that goes into a data visualization from start to finish. You will learn about the details of using D3.js, structuring and debugging your code, and the logic behind data visualization.

    You will start the course with some data and a goal. You will then be guided on the quest of turning that data into an interactive picture for the Web. Following the example, you will master D3 layouts, learn about adding animations and user interaction to make your visualization responsive, scrape more data when needed, and learn about making pretty maps. You will learn to use libraries such as Bootstrap, Figue, and Lo-dash to add those extra features. If an obstacle appears, you will conquer it. Finally you’ll learn to debug your code and learn the best practices of this trade. You'll also see some interesting examples of good visualization and information design.

    When you finish the course, you will have mastered data visualization with D3.js. You will be an expert!

    Product information

    • Title: Mastering D3.js
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: April 2015
    • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
    • ISBN: 9781783985784