Mastering Django Part 1 - AJAX, Class Based Views, Forms

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Master your skills as a Django developer by learning advanced techniques.

About This Video

  • You only need to know the basics of Django.
  • Nick speaks with clarity, and explained a lot of things clearly. The project is good enough to learn Django quickly and can actually be implemented in real-life settings.

In Detail

Welcome to the Mastering Django Series! Learn time saving and advanced techniques to come to a better developer. To get a better idea of what we'll be creating, go watch the promo video for the course. While creating this site, you will learn the following 8 skills:

  • Pipenv - Learn why this tool is so much better than pip and virtualenv separately
  • Pre-made Authentication Views - Get your site up and running quickly with these awesome built-in views
  • Class-Based Views - When working with models, these views can't be beaten. HUGE time savers
  • Django Forms - Rather than creating painstaking HTML forms, let Django handle the heavy work
  • Using other site's APIs - Learn to connect with the YouTube API for data
  • AJAX - I've had so many requests to cover this. Learn how to fetch data without reloading the page
  • Seed Data - Learn how to create a starting point for any database
  • Heroku Deployment - Heroku makes deploying your project simple and fast. I'll show you how
  • It's time to up your Django skills. See you inside!

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  • Title: Mastering Django Part 1 - AJAX, Class Based Views, Forms
  • Author(s): Nick Walter
  • Release date: July 2019
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781838987756