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Mastering ElasticSearch

Video Description

Master ElasticSearch by optimizing on search, performance, queries and much more

About This Video

  • Gain a competitive advantage by adding the power of ElasticSearch to your applications
  • Master the driving force behind an ElasticSearch cluster
  • Get a handle on the inner workings of ElasticSearch Administration

In Detail

ElasticSearch is a Lucene-based search engine for distributed search and analytics. This course will serve as a hands-on guide as you explore the features of ElasticSearch 5.0. You will go beyond the basics and master advanced concepts in ElasticSearch distributed searching, indexing, optimization, administration and much more.

You will be able to harness knowledge of advanced topics such as the ElasticSearch optimization and administration which include the inner workings of ElasticSearch, advanced queries, sharding for optimal performance, low level index configurations, and the best of ElasticSearch administration. Packed with easy to follow examples, this video course will ensure that you have a firm understanding of advanced topics of ElasticSearch 5.0, and how to effectively optimize your cluster.