Mastering Entity Framework Core – Advanced Querying, Migrations and Testing

Video description

Master Entity Framework in a step-by-step manner and learn advanced querying techniques, migrations, and testing

About This Video

  • Explore data validation using attributes and use validation inside MVC controllers
  • Master advanced query techniques
  • Learn how to enhance the performance or scalability of Entity Framework Core
  • Delve into concurrency handling and understand transactions
  • Perform migrations and protect existing data during rename operations

In Detail

You will start the course by exploring data validation and learn how to implement data validation inside your model using attributes. Then you will use validation inside MVC controllers and expose validations inside your MVC views in the user interface. Next you will delve into advanced query techniques. You will see how asynchronous code helps your applications scale better and explore query performance. Further, you will learn how to protect application data from concurrent access by multiple users, see how transactions enable changes to multiple tables and learn how to create an abstraction layer on top of Entity Framework by using the repository pattern.

Next you will embrace migrations and embark on a journey designed to develop the database structure as your application evolves using Entity Framework Core migrations. Then you will create custom migrations that update database schemas and use custom scripts to perform migrations while protecting existing data during rename operations. Finally you will explore testing and set up a further learning path by writing unit and integration tests. You will see how to bring Entity Framework into a project based on an existing database. In conclusion, you will learn about additional areas Entity Framework core can be used in, and what types of data structure (besides RDBMS) can be accessed with EF Core.

Product information

  • Title: Mastering Entity Framework Core – Advanced Querying, Migrations and Testing
  • Author(s): Sergey Barskiy
  • Release date: September 2017
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781788398527