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Mastering Investment Banking Securities

Book Description

Securities are the fundamental tools and products of investment banking. They can be broadly categorized into debt - including banknotes, bonds and debentures, equity and derivative financial instruments that range from options and swaps to very complex and risky trading strategies. It is a multi-billion dollar business based on sophisticated financial models and pricing techniques.

Mastering Investment Banking Securitiesis a comprehensive guide to these trading instruments, their trading practices, pricing techniques and associated risks. It includes:

  • An introduction to investment bank structures, divisions and their roles

  • All commonly traded money market and capital market instruments

  • The most popular interest rate, equity, commodity and credit- linked financial instruments

  • A wide range of derivative securities

  • Details of pricing and valuation tools and the key pricing techniques

  • The fundamentals of credit risk and market risk

  • A glossary of key terms