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Mastering JUnit 5

Video Description

Hone up your skills with unit testing to develop world-class Java applications using JUnit5

About This Video

  • Filled with real-world examples, explore the features of JUnit with this video tutorial
  • Master unit testing concepts with JUnit 5
  • Maintain cleaner systems by identifying the popular techniques in unit testing

In Detail

While building applications, it’s vital to have clean code, a productive environment, and efficient systems in place. Testing helps developers to achieve these goals. JUnit testing framework is a popular choice among Java developers and has recently released a major version update.

The latest version 5 has undergone massive changes and is a complete rewrite of the framework. This video course has exhaustive coverage on how to efficiently unit test Java applications with JUnit 5. The JUnit 5 team published its first General Availability Release on September 10, 2017. This is the best time to dive straight into the popular concepts and techniques used by experienced programmers to improve their code quality and keep the system clean. This video course will also cover various testing strategies, advanced test patterns, and JUnit extensions.

Interested in JUnit? Well, then update yourself with the latest features of JUnit 5, now that the official GA version is available. You wouldn’t want to miss this course.