•   Enterprise Is a 1,000-Piece Accounting Puzzle That Can Be SolvedA-3

    •   BARD’s Common-Sense Picture of AccountingA-6

    •   Mastering Leadership Alignment “Sacred Glossary”A-8

    •   Activity Statements DraftsA-23

    •   Andrew Bargerstock's letter that preceded collaborating on Mastering Leadership Alignment.A-26

    •   MLA Site Contributor SummariesA-27

Enterprise Is a 1,000-Piece Accounting Puzzle That Can Be Solved

In a 500 to 1,000-piece puzzle, what do you have to do once you have dumped the box out on the card table and turned over all the pieces—where do you have to start?

Answer: Find all the pieces with straight edges and assemble the border. Once the border is done, putting the main bodies of the puzzle ...

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