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Mastering MEAN Web Development

Video Description

Everything you need to know to build flawless and robust websites with the MEAN stack

About This Video

  • Combine Node.js and MongoDB with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to write stunning frontend code

  • Write automated unit, integration, and end-to-end tests to see your code work the way it should

  • Use reusable components such as Angular directives to write great code in no time and deploy a live website to prove it!

  • In Detail

    Building a website or mobile app using modern technologies can be a daunting task. Choosing and installing the tools alone can take hours of frustration, and code might not be very efficient. But with the MEAN stack at your aid, you can make the most of JavaScript to create websites and apps that are high in performance, unbeaten in quality, and easy on you.

    Mastering MEAN Web Development gives you a start-to-finish solution for using modern technologies, writing high quality code, and deploying a live website with the MEAN stack.

    This video course uses the mean-seed Yeoman generator to equip you with all the modern tools and workflows. It shows you the best practices of using Angular directives and writing automated tests right from the start. You will first see how to get a scaffolded out functioning website and then add in custom code and tests to make it go live. You will then learn how to go further with Grunt.js commands to build and test your application. With this course, you will learn the three core frontend languages (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) and dive into some more tricky topics to successfully build a full stack application complete with a database layer, backend server, and frontend client.

    By the end of this course, you will be building websites that look good and perform great in no time.

    Table of Contents

    1. Chapter 1 : Setup and Getting Started
      1. Course Overview 00:01:52
      2. Installing the generator-mean-seed 00:05:37
      3. Running Your Site 00:01:09
      4. Web Debugger 00:02:16
      5. Using Grunt 00:03:51
      6. Configs 00:04:46
      7. Pushing to GitHub 00:02:55
    2. Chapter 2 : MEAN Technologies Review
      1. JavaScript, CSS, and HTML – the Frontend Building Blocks 00:05:47
      2. JavaScript Callbacks and Promises 00:09:03
      3. AngularJS – Our Frontend MVC Framework 00:08:38
      4. Node.js and Express.js – Our Backend 00:08:30
      5. MongoDB – Our Database 00:01:41
    3. Chapter 3 : Building an Angular Directive
      1. Scaffolding with 'yo' 00:01:01
      2. Using the Directive and Writing Template/HTML 00:02:40
      3. Writing the Directive – Scope and Attributes 00:06:21
      4. Writing the Directive – Controller 00:06:21
      5. Writing and Running Unit Tests for the Directive 00:04:30
    4. Chpater 4 : Adding a New Frontend Controller/Page or Module
      1. Scaffolding the New Page/Route/Controller with 'yo' 00:01:04
      2. Under the Hood of the ng-route Generator 00:02:00
      3. Building and Accessing the New Page 00:02:37
      4. Scaffolding the New Service with 'yo' 00:01:02
      5. Under the Hood of ng-service 00:01:01
      6. Using the New Service 00:05:04
    5. Chapter 5 : Angular Unit Testing and Code Coverage
      1. Writing Controller Tests – Boilerplate and Setup 00:01:42
      2. Writing Controller Tests – the Tests 00:08:26
      3. Unit Test the Code 00:03:56
      4. Writing Service Tests - the Tests 00:06:42
    6. Chapter 6 : Adding a New Frontend Angular Bower Module
      1. Bower Search 00:02:59
      2. Adding a New Bower Module 00:04:57
      3. Using Your New Angular Module 00:04:05
    7. Chapter 7 : Implementing a New NPM/Node Module
      1. Searching npm/nipster for a Module 00:01:51
      2. Updating package.json and Running npm Install 00:02:21
      3. Requiring a New Module and Using It 00:05:57
    8. Chapter 8 : Building a New Node API Route
      1. Scaffolding a New Route with 'yo' 00:00:58
      2. Under the Hood of the Node-controller Generator 00:05:33
      3. Writing the API and Tests 00:13:28
      4. Node Integration Test Coverage 00:05:54
      5. Using the Interactive API Help Documentation 00:02:54
    9. Chapter 9 : Angular e2e Protractor Testing
      1. PageObjects for Modularization 00:04:20
      2. Selectors and Filling in Forms 00:04:29
      3. Writing Our First Test 00:02:32
      4. Running with Grunt e2e 00:01:48
      5. Promises and executeAsyncScript 00:03:47
      6. Injecting and Using Angular Modules 00:02:20
      7. Setup and Teardown with Mock Data" 00:03:42
      8. Interacting with Third-party Sites" 00:03:45
    10. Chapter 10 : Deploying
      1. Buying a Server 00:03:24
      2. Setting Up the Server 00:02:43
      3. Setting Up configs and Continuous Integration 00:05:47
    11. Chapter 11 : Conclusion
      1. Setting Up and Installing generator-mean-seed 00:02:04
      2. Our Main Tools/Technologies 00:01:49
      3. Angular 00:02:12
      4. Node 00:03:22
      5. Testing 00:03:49
      6. Deploying 00:03:18