Scenario example - Performing Keystone

Our scenario example is a benchmarking test based on Rally method named KeystoneBasic.authenticate_user_and_validate_token. The scenario is intended to measure the time of fetching and validating issued tokens by Keystone when authenticating users under a specific load. Let's create a new file named perf_keystone_pp.yaml.

The content of the file task looks as the following:

KeystoneBasic.authenticate_user_and_validate_token:     -       args: {}       runner:         type: "constant"         times: 50         concurrency: 50       context:           users:               tenants: 5               users_per_tenant: 10       sla:      failure_rate:          max: 1

The sample scenario will create a constant load of a Keystone scenario authenticating users and validating tokens 50 times without ...

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