The Ceilometer installation

The next steps show how to install Ceilometer in our existing environment. We will first begin by configuring our controller node, cc01.packtpub:

  1. Install the core components described previously:
    # yum install openstack-ceilometer-api openstack-ceilometer-    collector openstack-ceilometer-central python-ceilometerclient
  1. Install MongoDB, which Ceilometer needs for the backend database:
    # yum --enablerepo=epel -y install mongodb-server mongodb
  1. Start the MongoDB server and make it autostart on machine boot:
    # service mongod start    # chkonfig mongod on
  1. Ensure that MongoDB binds to the management IP address of our cloud controller in the /etc/mongodb.conf file:
      bind_ip =
  1. By default, MongoDB ...

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