VLAN configuration in the web GUI

VLAN configuration can also be done within the web GUI, along with any other tasks related to the setup of VLANs (for example, DHCP and rule creation). To get started with VLAN configuration in the web GUI, log into pfSense in the web browser of your choice and navigate to Interfaces | (assign). From the Interface Assignments page, click on the VLANs tab. From the VLANs tab, you will see a table with any previously created VLANs. Click on the +Add button to add a new VLAN.

On the VLAN Configuration page, the first setting is the Parent Interface drop-down box. Select the interface you want to be the parent interface of your VLANs. Next is the VLAN Tag edit box. Valid values for this field are 1 to 4094; you shouldn't ...

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