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Mastering Pivotal Cloud Foundry for Web Developers

Video Description

Gain expertise in this leading cloud application

About This Video

  • Delve into the PCF architecture and best practices.
  • Effective and rapid execution of applications by adopting the microservice architecture.
  • Implement the circuit breaker pattern using Netflix OSS Hystrix

In Detail

Cloud Foundry has been growing recently and is predicted to be the leading platform providing PaaS.

This course allows Java developers to develop an assortment of microservices and deploy them to Pivotal Cloud Foundry. Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) is a leading, self-install cloud platform and a Platform-as-a-Service offering from Pivotal. The goal of this course is to help viewers become PCF experts, shaping them as highly-productive developers in environments where Java and PCF have been adopted. We will delve deeply into more advanced topics such as integrating apps with the circuit-breaker dashboard, the cloud discovery server, and the config server. We will also cover highly-available PCF deployment models, as well as common CI pipelines to PCF with Jenkins. Further, we will explore the theory behind Hystrix and the circuit breaker pattern, and go on to learn patterns for config repositories and the config server. Also covered are concepts around container-to-container networking and security, common security pain points in PCF, and route and volume services.