Managing approvals

In this section, we will discuss how to manage approvals in the vRA environment. First, let's see a list of workitems that are available. In the following command, I am just getting a list of the content:

PS C:\> (Invoke-RestMethod -Method Get -Uri 
"" -Headers $headers).content | ConvertTo-Json

Part of the output is provided here:

    "@type":  "WorkItem",
    "id":  "2a11c987-dd8f-4a2d-a15a-b048ca64d729", "version": 1, "workItemNumber": 2, "assignees": [ { "principalId": "", "principalType": "USER" } ], "subTenantId": "5c91a267-581a-4e00-9895-cf6e9c6b313a", "tenantId": "vsphere.local", "callbackEntityId": "2a11c987-dd8f-4a2d-a15a-b048ca64d729", "workItemType": { "id": ...

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