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Mastering Project Portfolio Management

Book Description

This unique text provides a holistic view of project portfolio management (PPM) that includes people, process, tools, and techniques that work synergistically within the organization to produce portfolio decisions with the best chance of success. It illustrates the entire PPM process from strategic planning through portfolio evaluation and adjustment, including prioritizing objectives, identifying and evaluating candidate projects, selecting optimal portfolios using portfolio analysis, establishing project and portfolio performance metrics, measuring portfolio performance, and project portfolio governance.

Rather than just an abstract discussion, Mastering Project Portfolio Management simulates real-world portfolio management through sample scenarios demonstrating advanced decision-making techniques and the use of decision-making software that readers are given access to. This book guides readers step-by-step through the entire project portfolio management process and is ideal for corporate and government training programs and as a primary text for graduate level academic courses.

Key Features
  • Includes limited license access to web-based and desktop decision-support software with a resource aligner module for structuring Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) models, prioritizing objectives and alternatives, and optimizing the portfolio
  • Shows how to effectively design, develop, implement, and manage a tailored project portfolio process without great time or expense by providing a PPM model and the infrastructure needed to support the model
  • Delineates the strategic planning process and its role in producing the objectives that serve as critical inputs to the PPM process, and how to prioritize the organizational objectives identified during the strategic planning process
  • Demonstrates how to identify and screen large numbers of potential projects to produce a reduced pool of candidate projects and how evaluate candidates with respect to the objectives they support
  • Discusses implementation of the approved project portfolio and addresses how to evaluate the portfolio with regards to performance against baseline plans while maintaining relevance to organizational objectives
  • WAV offers helpful downloadable documents, optimized evaluation models built using accompanying software, new concepts for evaluating strategic project and portfolio performance, and instructor course materials — available from the Web Added Value™ Download Resource Center at www.jrosspub.com