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Mastering Resource Management Using Microsoft® Project and Project Server 2010

Book Description

In the new economy, organizations in a myriad of sizes and industries are now more than ever seeking a better understanding of how to best utilize and manage the scarce resources devoted to their project portfolios. Microsoft® Project and Project Server are the most widely used and one of the top-rated enterprise project management software packages in the marketplace today and understanding how to properly use it allows an organization to cut costs, share information, and increase efficiency and effectiveness. However, due to the size and complexity of the software, covering all the numerous features, within a single text, may not meet the needs of those specifically involved with resource management.

Mastering Resource Management Using Microsoft® Project and Project Server 2010 provides the guidance needed to master resource management and exploit the full potential of Microsoft® Project and Project Server as it pertains to this critical function. It will also serve as a great companion to practical guides demonstrating the breadth of features and functionality available in this software.

Key Features
  • Presents step-by-step illustrated instructions on using Microsoft Project with Project Server 2010 as well as stand-alone Project Professional to best utilize and manage scarce resources devoted to project portfolios
  • Explains the philosophy and methodology the software tool uses “behind the scenes” which will enable you to use it with confidence and clarity, become an expert user, and better manage your project portfolios and business
  • Provides practical insights into how to maximize the resource management capabilities of Microsoft Project to obtain better information on resource usage, costs, and future needs, and in turn, gain better planning, scheduling, awareness and control of your scarce resources
  • Highlights the things a manager must remember to do daily, weekly, monthly and annually to keep the system in place and working as expected
  • WAV offers downloadable tips, templates and a presentation outlining the value of implementing Microsoft Project, Project Server, and project management concepts in your organization — available from the Web Added Value™ Download Resource Center at www.jrosspub.com