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Mastering Sublime Text

Book Description

When it comes to cross-platform text and source code editing, Sublime Text has few rivals. This book will teach you all its great features and help you develop and publish plugins. A brilliantly inclusive guide.

  • Discover efficient, keyboard-driven text editing
  • Recognize the latest build of Sublime Text 3
  • Full of illustrations and diagrams, with clear, step-by-step instructions and practical examples that will help you in building cross-platform applications using Sublime Text

In Detail

Sublime is the leading platform for developing websites, applications, and software. Sublime Text is a sophisticated, cross-platform text and source code editor. It supports a number of different programming languages and is extremely efficient and feature rich. With Sublime Text, programmers can develop their web applications faster and with more efficiency.

This book will put you at the frontier of modern software development. It will teach you how to leverage Sublime for anything from mobile games to missile protection. Above all, this book will help you harness the power of other Sublime users and always stay on top.

This book will show you how to get started, from basic installation through lightning fast code navigation and up to the development of your own plugins. It takes you from the early stages of navigating through the platform and moves on by teaching you how to fully customize your platform, test, debug, and eventually create and share your own plugins to help and lead this community forward.

The book will then teach you how to efficiently edit text, primarily by using the keyboard. You will learn how to interact with the Sublime Text community using the mailing lists and IRC.

Table of Contents

  1. Mastering Sublime Text
    1. Table of Contents
    2. Mastering Sublime Text
    3. Credits
    4. About the Author
    5. About the Reviewers
    6. www.PacktPub.com
      1. Support files, eBooks, discount offers and more
        1. Why Subscribe?
        2. Free Access for Packt account holders
    7. Preface
      1. What this book covers
      2. What you need for this book
      3. Who this book is for
      4. Conventions
      5. Reader feedback
      6. Customer support
        1. Errata
        2. Piracy
        3. Questions
    8. 1. Installing Sublime Text
      1. Preparing for Sublime Text Installation
      2. Installing Sublime Text on OS X
        1. Working with Sublime CLI
      3. Installing Sublime Text on Windows 32/64 bit
        1. Adding Sublime to the environment
      4. Installing Sublime Text on Linux
        1. Installing Sublime Text on Ubuntu 32/64 bit
          1. Setting Sublime Text as the default editor
        2. Installing Sublime Text on other Linux distributions
          1. Adding a desktop file
      5. Getting to know the Data and Packages directories
        1. The Data directory
          1. The Packages directory
            1. The User package
        2. Delving into packages, plugins, snippets, and macros
      6. Running Sublime for the first time
        1. Simple navigation
        2. Sublime's command palette
        3. The Python console
      7. Installing the Package Control ASAP
      8. Summary
    9. 2. Code Editing
      1. Discovering Search and Replace
        1. Regular Expressions
        2. Search and Replace – a single file
          1. The incremental search
        3. Search and Replace – multiple files
      2. Mastering Column and Multiple Selection
        1. Column Selection
      3. Navigating through everything
        1. Go To Anything
        2. Symbol search
        3. Projects
          1. Folders
          2. Settings
          3. Build systems
          4. Navigating between projects
      4. Using the must-have SublimeCodeIntel
        1. Installing SublimeCodeIntel
        2. Using SublimeCodeIntel
        3. Configuring SublimeCodeIntel
      5. Linting with SublimeLinter
        1. Installing SublimeLinter
        2. Using SublimeLinter
        3. Configuring SublimeLinter
      6. The must-know shortcuts map
        1. General
        2. Tabs
        4. Editing
      7. Summary
    10. 3. Snippets, Macros, and Key Bindings
      1. Getting to know a snippet
      2. Understanding your first snippet
        1. How do snippets work?
          1. File format and syntax
          2. Knowing about snippets' features
            1. Environment variables
            2. Field markers
              1. Mirrored field markers
              2. Placeholders
        2. Creating our first snippet
      3. Using Package Control snippets
      4. Recording, editing, and using macros
        1. Recording a macro
        2. Playing a macro
        3. Saving and editing
        4. Binding a saved macro
      5. New key bindings
      6. Summary
    11. 4. Customization and Theme Development
      1. Overriding and maintaining key bindings
        1. Platform-specific key bindings
        2. Key map file structure
          1. Bindable keys
          2. Advanced key bindings
        3. Keeping our key bindings organized
      2. Understanding Sublime's base settings
        1. The types of settings' files
        2. Customization walkthrough
          1. Adding packages
          2. Tabs and spaces
      3. Beautifying Sublime with colors and themes
        1. Visual settings
        2. Sublime themes
        3. Color schemes
      4. Mastering Split Windows
      5. Summary
    12. 5. Unravelling Vintage Mode
      1. Understanding Vintage Mode
        1. Discovering vi
      2. Setting up Vintage Mode
      3. Experiencing Vintage Mode features
        1. Vintage editing modes
        2. Vintage Mode commands
          1. Commands for changing modes
          2. Movement commands
          3. Editing commands
      4. Knowing about Vintageous
      5. Summary
    13. 6. Testing Using Sublime
      1. Introduction to testing in Sublime Text
      2. Testing in PHP development
        1. Knowing about PHPUnit
        2. Using PHPUnit plugin for Sublime
          1. Helpful PHPUnit snippets
      3. Testing in Python development
        1. Using unittest for Sublime
      4. Testing in Ruby development
        1. Using RubyTest for Sublime
          1. Supporting bundler
      5. Summary
    14. 7. Debugging Using Sublime
      1. Introduction to debugging in Sublime Text
      2. Debugging PHP with Xdebug
        1. Using Xdebug for Sublime
      3. Debugging JavaScript with Web Inspector
        1. Installing Sublime Web Inspector
        2. Using Sublime Web Inspector (SWI)
      4. Debugging C/C++ with GDB
        1. Using SublimeGDB
      5. Summary
    15. 8. Developing Your Own Plugin
      1. Warming up before starting a plugin
      2. Starting a plugin
      3. Developing the plugin
      4. Publishing our plugin
      5. Summary
    16. Index