Inspecting the worksheet and initial setup

Following, we will setup a worksheet with which we can practice the INCLUDE Level of detail calculations.

  1. Open the workbook associated with this chapter and navigate to the Exploring Include worksheet.
  2. The parameters and calculated fields named 1st Dim, 2nd Dim, 3rd Dim, and 4th Dim created in the previous exercises are also utilized for this worksheet.
  3. Right-click on the 1st Dim parameter and choose Duplicate.
  4. Rename the duplicate Choose Included Dims.
  5. Create a new calculated field named Case Include with the following code:
CASE [Choose Included Dims] WHEN 1 THEN AVG({INCLUDE [Category]: SUM([Sales])}) WHEN 2 THEN AVG({INCLUDE [City]: SUM([Sales])}) WHEN 3 THEN AVG({INCLUDE [Country]: SUM([Sales])}) ...

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