Mastering the Art of Oral Presentations

Book description

Proven techniques to win over any audience and make any sale

Mastering the Art of Oral Presentations is your expert guide to delivering memorable and effective speeches and presentations. Whether selling a product, offering a service, or bidding for a contract, your oral presentation skills can often determine success or failure. This invaluable resource delivers real-world advice and proven strategies to elevate your game and close the deal. Comprehensive coverage of preparation procedures, delivery techniques, and presentation strategies provide you with the tools and knowledge to motivate and persuade your audience. Emphasizing real-world versatility, this unique book delivers methods equally effective to both individual and team presentations.

Drawing from decades of experience, authors John Parker Stewart and Don Fulop offer keen insight into the process of winning over an audience. From topics ranging from rhetorical devices and visual cues to body language and stage presence, this expert guide will help convey a take-home message that resonates and endures long after your presentation has concluded. A must-have resource for government contractors, sales and marketing professionals, and anyone seeking to raise the level of their oral presentation skills, this book will help you:

  • Develop winning approaches to oral presentations regardless of experience or skill level
  • Build the confidence to present your ideas to individuals, teams, and large audiences
  • Incorporate your personal and professional lives into your communication strategies
  • Create and deliver messages that will win the hearts and minds of any audience

Mastering the Art of Oral Presentations: Winning Orals, Speeches, and Stand-Up Presentations is an indispensable tool for those who speak to influence, to promote, and to sell—aiding you in making positive and lasting impressions on potential customers, team members, and decision makers. 

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Titlepage
  3. Foreword
  4. Introduction
    1. Government Orals — What They Are, How They Originated, Why They Are So Important, and the Requirements the Government Must Follow When They Are Used
    2. Customer’s Objectives
    3. Your Team and Your Team’s Objectives
    4. Orals Coach or Speech Coach?
  5. CHAPTER 1. Preparation: Preparation Is the Foundation of Success
    1. Customer Intelligence
    2. Evaluation Criteria
    3. Team Strengths and Weaknesses
    4. Competitor Strengths/Weaknesses
    5. Presentation Win Strategy
    6. Value Proposition
    7. Win Themes and Discriminators
    8. Getting to Blue!
  6. CHAPTER 2. Secrets of Successful Presenters: An Audience Quickly Forgets the Ordinary—Don’t Be Ordinary!
    1. Let Your “Self” Shine Through
    2. The Power of Personal Stories
    3. Converse Rather Than Lecture
    4. Teach the Customer Something They Don’t Already Know
    5. Include Something Astounding
    6. Keep It Short, Sweet, and Direct
  7. CHAPTER 3. Presentation and Messaging Preparation: Key Elements to Increase Your Win Probability
    1. Select Content
    2. Prepare Content for Delivery
    3. Using Content and Delivery to Connect
    4. Incumbent Tips
  8. CHAPTER 4. Rehearse: The Delivery — Part Interview, Part Stage Show
    1. Appearance
    2. Verbal Delivery Tips
    3. Nonverbal Delivery Tips
    4. Connect with the Audience Emotionally and Psychologically
    5. Engaging — General Delivery Tips
    6. Using Props and Visuals
    7. Practice, Practice, Practice
    8. Dry Run Your Presentations
    9. Create a Mock-Up Presentation Room
    10. Prepare for Common and Uncommon Events
    11. Question and Answer Sessions
    12. Sample Questions Your Customer May Ask You
  9. CHAPTER 5. Formal Presentation Day: Demonstrate Your Competence, Credibility, Confidence and Commitment
    1. Dealing with Nervousness and Distractions
    2. Guidelines for Interacting with the Customer
    3. Formal Presentation Day Emergency Kit
    4. Final Preparations
    5. The After-Presentation Action Review
    6. Celebrate!
  10. CHAPTER 6. Real-Time Demonstrations–A Truly Special Experience!: Live Demonstrations Present New Challenges and Opportunities to Crush Your Competition
    1. Understanding the Demo Requirements
    2. The Demo Project Plan and Project Manager
    3. Teammate, Subcontractor, Vendor, and Supplier Support
    4. Visuals
    5. Planning for Success
    6. How to Handle an Issue or Problem
    7. Before Going Live — Holistic Review, Integration, and Rehearsal
    8. Celebrate Success!
  11. CHAPTER 7. Sample Charts
    1. Overall Approach, Win Theme, and Discriminators Chart
    2. Organizational Chart
    3. Impact and Special Messages Chart
    4. Build-Up
    5. Text-Intensive Charts
    6. Mixing Key Words and Graphics
    7. Sample Chart—Features and Benefits
    8. Risks Chart
    9. Financial and Statistical Charts
    10. Tables
    11. Technical Illustrations and Drawings
  12. Appendix: Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 15.102 Oral Presentations
  13. Acknowledgments
  14. About the Authors
  15. EULA

Product information

  • Title: Mastering the Art of Oral Presentations
  • Author(s): John P. Stewart, Don Fulop
  • Release date: April 2019
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781119550051