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Chapter 3. Guidance for using this redbook
If you have used the IBM WebFacing Tool before, you are already familiar with what the tool
can do for you and the results that you can achieve from it. Initially you consider the 5250
application that you are using now and how it works in a 5250 environment. If you plan to use
this application in a Web environment, you use the IBM WebFacing Tool to convert it.
After the 5250 application is converted, you can use the WebFacing application as is. In many
cases, you may want to refine the graphical user interface (GUI) or integrate it with other Web
This book uses a scenario that explains step-by-step how you can employ the IBM
WebFacing Tool to convert your 5250 applications to Web applications. It also presents
several techniques to help you improve or refine your WebFacing application.
This chapter introduces you to this scenario. It also directs you to the parts or chapters of this
book that explain a particular task in the scenario, depending on whether you need to convert
to, or refine, a Web application.

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