Mastering the Model Shoot: Everything a Photographer Needs to Know Before, During, and After the Shoot

Book description

For the first time ever, world-famous photographer and fashion lighting instructor Frank Doorhof takes you behind the scenes to reveal every step of his model-photography workflow–the same workflow that has made him a hero to photographers around the world thanks to his practical, budget conscious, no-nonsense approach.

In this groundbreaking book, Frank starts right at the beginning with how to find models, find great locations, work with backgrounds (you’ll be amazed at his tricks for creating stunning backgrounds for just a few bucks), and work by yourself or with a team (stylist, hair stylist, and makeup artist) to create an image that will get your photography noticed. Then, it’s on to an in-depth look at the lighting setups and looks that made Frank famous (complete with diagrams and detailed explanations).

You’ll see how Frank lights his images (you’ll be shocked at how simple most of his lighting setups are and you’ll be able to create these same setups yourself), plus he covers the critical little stuff nobody else is talking about, including: how to calibrate your monitor (and why it’s so important); how to use a color target to nail your color every single time; and why (and how) to use a light meter to get consistent, reproducible lighting each and every shoot.

Frank also shares his own retouching techniques through step-by-step tutorials, and he takes you from start to finish through a number of different looks so you can see exactly how it’s done, and recreate these same looks yourself. If you’ve ever wished there was one book that covers it all, the whole process of photographing models from start to finish, not leaving anything out, then this is the book for you.

Table of contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Dedication Page
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. About the Author
  6. Contents
  7. Introduction
  8. Chapter One. Finding Your Models
    1. Getting the Models to Your Studio
    2. TFP or Paid
    3. Model Releases
    4. Paying Your Team
    5. Conclusion
  9. Chapter Two. Locations
    1. On Location
    2. Frank’s List of Free Places to Shoot
    3. The Simplest Things
    4. Shooting in Tight Spaces
    5. Tips for Making Your Studio a Location
    6. The Best Location?
    7. My Favorite Locations
  10. Chapter Three. Props & Backgrounds
    1. If the Background Is Boring, Add Some Smoke
    2. Reflections
    3. Finding Unique or Good-Looking Angles
    4. Seamless Paper
    5. Canvas/Muslin/Scenic Backgrounds
    6. Sometimes Inspiration Can Be Instant
    7. The Best Props Are the Cheap Ones
  11. Chapter Four. Clothing & Styling (The Most Important Things)
    1. It’s More Than Lighting
    2. Building a Team
  12. Chapter Five. Coaching Your Models Once They’re on the Set
    1. The Day of the Shoot
    2. Poses
    3. In-Depth About Posing
    4. Getting a Glamour Shot
    5. Portraits
    6. How to Work with Your Models
    7. Raising the Bar Over and Over Again
  13. Chapter Six. Using Natural Light
    1. Natural Light
    2. Getting Two Looks (or More) from One Location by Adding Strobes
  14. Chapter Seven. Lighting When You Don’t Have Natural Light
    1. On the Cheap Side
    2. Some Lighting Tips
    3. Killer Lighting Tips
  15. Chapter Eight. Lighting Fashion on Location
    1. I Need Big Strobes
    2. Letting the Sun/Light Source Participate
  16. Chapter Nine. Studio Lighting
    1. Start with One Light
    2. Light in Light: Adding Fill Light
    3. White and Black Backgrounds
    4. Choosing the Light Quality
    5. Building the Shot
    6. Working with Silhouettes
    7. Using Light in a Different Way
    8. Shooting into a Light Source and Using Lens Flare
  17. Chapter Ten. Getting the Foundation Right: Calibration, Color Targets & Light Meters
    1. Monitor Calibration
    2. Color Target
    3. The Light Meter: A Quick Overview
    4. Calibrating the Light Meter
    5. Dark People & Light People
    6. Conclusion
  18. Chapter Eleven. Retouching: Photoshop, Camera, or Both?
    1. What Do I Fix in Photoshop?
    2. Retouching Tips
    3. Finishing Moves
    4. Think in a Different Way
    5. Conclusion
  19. Chapter Twelve. Marketing Your Work
    1. Create an Online Presence
    2. Create a Guestbook
    3. Providing Estimates
    4. TFP—How Should You Get There?
  20. Chapter Thirteen. A Photo Shoot from Start to Finish (From A to Z)
    1. The Team
    2. The Set
    3. Setup One
    4. Setup Two
    5. Setup Three
    6. Setup Four
    7. Conclusion
  21. Chapter Fourteen. More Concepts & Ideas
    1. Composition
    2. Adding Some Motion
    3. Lens Choice
    4. Expression
    5. Putting Some of This Together
    6. The Analog Photography Tip
  22. Index

Product information

  • Title: Mastering the Model Shoot: Everything a Photographer Needs to Know Before, During, and After the Shoot
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: November 2013
  • Publisher(s): New Riders
  • ISBN: 9780133760491