Using the Nikon SB-800 Speedlight as a Commander Device

To use the SB-800 in Commander mode, the SB-800 must be placed in the camera’s hotshoe. Nikon refers to Commander mode on the SB-800 Speedlight flash unit as the Commander Function or Master Flash. We’ll use the term Master mode for clarity.

When using the SB-800 Speedlight as a commander device controlling one or more other Speedlights, it is important not to allow the SB-800 to fire its main flash, unless you really want to use this flash on the camera as one of the units that light the subject. We’ll discuss how to disable the SB-800’s main flash as we proceed, if you want to do that.

Another concern is the monitor pre-flash from the SB-800 in Master mode. Even though the SB-800’s main flash ...

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