Release Modes in Detail

The D300(S) has several Release modes, which decide how many images can be taken and how fast. In Figure 11-10, we see the Release mode dial with its lock release button (press the lock release button and turn the dial).

Release mode dial set to CL and lock release button

Figure 11-10. Release mode dial set to CL and lock release button

Let’s look at each Release mode in more detail. Here’s the D300(S) Release modes:

  • SSingle frame

  • CLContinuous low speed

  • CHContinuous high speed

  • Q (D300S) or LV (D300)

  • Self-timer

  • MUPMirror Up

In the good-old film days, some of the release modes would have been called motor-drive settings since they are concerned with how fast the camera is ...

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