Section 2 – Exposure Modes

(User’s Manual – Pages 67, 40)

My first Nikon was an FM back in 1980, which I remember with fondness because that was when I first got serious about photography. It’s hard for me to imagine that it has already been 30 years since I last used my FM! Things were simpler back then. When I say simple, I mean that the FM had a basic center-weighted light meter, a manual exposure dial, and manual aperture settings. I had to decide how to create the image in all aspects. It was a camera with only one mode—M, or manual.

Later on, I bought a Nikon FE and was amazed to use its A mode, or aperture priority auto. I could set the aperture manually and the camera would adjust the shutter speed for me. Luxury! The FE had two modes, M-manual ...

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