Chapter 8

Ten Common Mistakes Exhibitors Make

Susan Friedmann

We all make mistakes; however, if we are aware of the pitfalls that can occur, there is a better chance we can avoid errors that, more often than not, can be fairly costly. The following are 10 of the most common mistakes that exhibitors make preshow, at-show, and postshow:


1. Failing to set exhibiting goals Goals, or the purpose for exhibiting, are the essence of the whole trade show experience. Knowing what you want to accomplish at a show will help plan every other aspect—your theme, the booth layout and display, graphics, product displays, premiums, literature, and so on. Exhibiting goals should complement your corporate marketing objectives and help in accomplishing them.

2. Forgetting to read the exhibitor manual The exhibitor manual is your complete reference guide to every aspect of the show and your key to saving money. Admittedly, some show managements make these easier to read than others. Albeit, everything you need to know about the show you are participating in, should be contained in the manual—show schedules, contractor information, registration, service order forms, electrical service, floor plans and exhibit specifications, shipping and freight services, housing information, advertising and promotion. Remember that the floor price for show services is normally 10 to 20 percent higher, so signing up early will always give you a significant savings.

3. Leaving graphics to the last minute Rush, ...

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