Chapter 26

What Makes Things Go Viral

Peggy McColl

Do you want to know how to stand out online and how to create a viral buzz to get people talking about you? Do you want to know the differences between online and offline marketing? Then read on and find out what makes things go viral.

There is a lot of clutter on the Internet right now, but it is possible to stand out.

I believe the Internet provides all of us with a tremendous opportunity, and at the same time, it creates a big challenge (because of the clutter). Yes, it is possible to stand out, but it does take discipline and effort.

To stand out you need to understand two things:

1. Where is your audience going online?

2. What is it they are needing/wanting/interested in online?

If you do not have a presence online you will need to build it by getting help and support from others who are also online. Create an offering; that is, give something of value away to your audience (“audience” is another word for prospective customers) and let others (who do have a following) know that you have something of value. Ask others to let their followers/readers/subscribers know about what you have to offer. Create something so valuable that others will want it and they'll want to share it with others.

Do the research to find folks who have a following (small, medium-size, and big). Ask other list owners, bloggers, tweeters, and Facebook friends to tell others about you and your offering. Find a way for people to see you everywhere. I ...

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