Chapter 30

Book Yourself Solid

How to Get Clients Even If You Hate Marketing

Michael Port

Clients often ask me how I built a six-figure income working as an independent professional in less than 10 months. I narrowed it down to seven simple steps. Seven simple internal and intuitive attitude shifts and the exact action items that will kick your business up a notch.

These effective and powerful steps won't come as any mystery to you, but if you take them to heart, they will absolutely and emphatically build your business naturally and authentically.

My advice to you (from someone who has struggled and been exactly where you are now) is to love, embrace, and believe in yourself. Because I know how easy and realistic it is for you to become a successful solo professional.

Combine these simple insights with the gifts you have within yourself to create an abundant, joyful, and prosperous business and life.

Seven Keys to Booking Yourself Solid

Key 1: Focus on solutions no matter what you say, think, or do. Take the attention off of yourself, your business, and your services. Every second of every day stay focused on clear, specific, and detailed solutions, benefits, and advantages that appeal to your prospects.

Clearly define the root of your prospects' problems and needs. Then only focus on those solutions. There does seem to be some universal confusion on the definition of a solution these days—or a slip of the mind, perhaps? Solutions are not technical, scientific, mechanical, or ...

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