Mastering Turbulence: The Essential Capabilities of Agile and Resilient Individuals, Teams and Organizations

Book description

The essential capabilities organizations need to master turbulent change

Rapid and disruptive change threatens the adaptive capacity of organizations, along with the individuals and teams leading them. Based upon over a decade of global research and consulting, Joseph E. McCann and John W. Selsky outline five capabilities highly agile and resilient systems must possess. They must be: Purposeful, Aware, Action-Oriented, Resourceful, and Networked. In addition the authors illustrate how these capabilities can be assessed across four levels—individuals, teams, organizations, and their business ecosystems.

The goal is to develop these capabilities in tandem so that the individual, team, organization and ecosystem have High AR—not just greater agility or resiliency, but both high agility and high resiliency.

  • The authors outline balanced development strategies for creating High AR that can be used to master turbulent environments for competitive advantage and sustained performance

  • Includes cutting-edge concepts and examples that take readers from the latest advances in neuro-science and executive wellness to global supply chains and innovation strategy

  • Contains illustrative examples and vignettes from leading organizations including Mayo Clinic, Microsoft, Starbucks, Southwest Airlines, TECO Energy, Shell Oil, Walmart, and others

Most important, McCann, and Selsky deliver a unique and practical perspective that helps organization leaders make sense of the dynamic world in which they operate.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Endorsements
  3. Series page
  4. Title page
  5. Copyright page
  9. Dedication
  11. chapter ONE: Turbulence Crossing the Channel
    1. Welcome to Hyperturbulence
    2. Change as Opportunity
  12. chapter TWO: The Origins and Consequences of Turbulence
    1. Evolution of Organizations as Systems
    2. The Changing Nature of Change
    3. Summary
  13. chapter THREE: Not A, Not R—It’s AR
    1. A Race for Agility and Quest for Resiliency
    2. Building AR at Four Levels
    3. Five High AR Capabilities
    4. Bringing It All Together
  14. chapter FOUR: Being Well and Acting with Purpose
    1. Purpose as Vision Statement
    2. The Psychological Origins of Purpose
    3. The Toll of Turbulence on Purpose
    4. Making the Case for Wellness
    5. Preconditions for Purposefulness
    6. Building High AR Across Levels
    7. Summary
  15. chapter FIVE: Building and Sustaining Awareness
    1. So, How Do You Know What You Know?
    2. Awareness Through KM and OL
    3. Five Core Awareness Processes
    4. Summary
  16. chapter SIX: Designing for Action
    1. Key Features of Being Action-Oriented
    2. Implications for Being Action-Oriented
  17. chapter SEVEN: Being Resourceful
    1. Creativity and Its Limits
    2. Four Innovation Scripts
    3. Improving Resourcefulness
  18. chapter EIGHT: Engaged Networking
    1. Networks and Stakeholders
    2. Growth of the Global Supply Chain
    3. Networking and Knowledge Management
    4. The Rise of Social Media
    5. Assessing the AR Value of Networks
    6. Recommendations for Being Networked
  19. chapter NINE: Bringing It All Together
    1. Core Concepts and Lessons
    2. Walmart: An Application of the Framework
    3. Leading AR Development
    4. Assessing AR
    5. Conclusion
  20. appendix: Assessing Agility and Resiliency
  22. Name Index
  23. Subject Index

Product information

  • Title: Mastering Turbulence: The Essential Capabilities of Agile and Resilient Individuals, Teams and Organizations
  • Author(s): Joseph McCann, John W. Selsky
  • Release date: July 2012
  • Publisher(s): Jossey-Bass
  • ISBN: 9781118164839