Mastering TypeScript Programming Techniques

Video Description

Develop your TypeScript capabilities with object-oriented and functional programming, design patterns, Node.js and more!

About This Video

  • Dedicated short tasks will take you through various concepts in TypeScript
  • Integrate TypeScript with Angular 5 using real-world examples, and see how TypeScript can be used with other JavaScript Frameworks such as Vue.js and Aurelia
  • Explore various concepts such as OOP and Functional Programming through clear-cut examples

In Detail

Taking your TypeScript development to the next level has never been easier. Filled with expert techniques, this course will help make your typescript programming better, easier, and more effective while working with scalable applications.

TypeScript gets you writing scalable JavaScript applications with classical object-oriented principles in no time. You’ll use the latest ES6+/ES2015 features along with TypeScript’s syntax, which is familiar to developers coming from a Java, C++ styled language while using existing JavaScript code.

The course starts off by setting up the popular Visual Studio Code IDE and gets you acquainted with linting and test coverage. Moving on, you’ll understand the concepts of task automation, Object-Oriented programming (OOP), Promises, and Functional Programming. You’ll learn to use Underscore.js in your application and find out about array and object manipulation.

In no time, you’ll be able to implement popular GoF patterns, which will be explained through real-world examples. You’ll be taught how to use Typescript on the server side with Node.js, and on the front end with Angular 5. You’ll also learn to create a project, component, and service using Vue.js and Aurelia. The course ends with a walkthrough of data typings for a library and how to use typings via an IDE. So why wait? Take your typescript development to the next level by taking this course.

All the code and supporting files for this course are available on Github at

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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Selecting and Setting Up a TypeScript IDE
    1. The Course Overview 00:03:19
    2. Introduction and Setup of Visual Studio Code As Your IDE 00:04:34
    3. Enable Visual Studio Code Linting for TypeScript 00:03:34
    4. Debugging TypeScript in the Browser 00:06:19
  2. Chapter 2 : Keeping Up the Quality
    1. Setting Up TSLint 00:05:17
    2. Setting Up Grunt 00:05:25
    3. Using Jasmine to Unit Test Your Code 00:09:37
    4. Setting Up Karma 00:09:29
  3. Chapter 3 : Task Automation
    1. Using Grunt to Auto-Compile TypeScript 00:06:57
    2. Auto-Compile and Auto-Build TypeScript Files 00:04:35
    3. Auto-Unit Testing Your TypeScript Application 00:03:11
    4. Automating Your End-to-End Testing 00:08:21
  4. Chapter 4 : Stepping into Object-Oriented Concepts
    1. Create an Interface and Implement It 00:08:27
    2. Extend a Class 00:06:01
    3. Hide Data With Abstraction 00:03:36
    4. Use Access Modification 00:05:54
  5. Chapter 5 : Promises
    1. Replacing Callbacks With Promises 00:09:02
    2. A Better Way to Handle Errors 00:06:52
  6. Chapter 6 : Functional Programming
    1. Using Functional Programming in TypeScript 00:08:07
    2. Using Ramda.js in Your TypeScript Application 00:11:48
    3. Array and Object Object Manipulation Using Ramda.js 00:09:10
  7. Chapter 7 : GoF Patterns
    1. Implement the Singleton Pattern, a Real-World Recipe 00:05:54
    2. Implement the Adapter Pattern, a Real-World Recipe 00:05:53
    3. Implement the Facade Pattern, a Real-World Recipe 00:04:01
    4. Implement the Factory Pattern, a Real-World Recipe 00:05:33
    5. Implement the Observer Pattern, a Real-World Recipe 00:05:53
  8. Chapter 8 : Node.js and TypeScript
    1. Enable TypeScript for Node.js 00:04:49
    2. Create a Simple REST API 00:14:47
    3. Run/Compile the REST API Application 00:04:40
  9. Chapter 9 : Angular 5
    1. Create Your Project 00:04:51
    2. Create a Component 00:09:37
    3. Create a Service 00:11:37
    4. Validating Forms 00:10:42
    5. Validating Forms (Continued) 00:05:42
    6. Developing Your Own Structural Directive 00:12:05
    7. Using Jasmine, Karma, and Protractor to Test Angular 5 Code 00:10:16
    8. Using Jasmine, Karma, and Protractor to Test Angular 5 Code (Continued) 00:05:53
    9. Build the Application 00:04:08
  10. Chapter 10 : Other Frameworks
    1. Create a Project Using Vue.js 00:07:49
    2. Create a Component Using Vue.js 00:04:47
    3. Create a Service Using Vue.js 00:06:12
    4. Create a Project Using Aurelia 00:05:23
    5. Create a Component Using Aurelia 00:03:49
    6. Create a Service Using Aurelia 00:04:29
  11. Chapter 11 : Using and Understanding Decorators With TypeScript
    1. Introduction to Decorators 00:02:16
    2. Using Decorators With Classes 00:02:15
    3. Using Decorators With Properties 00:04:57
    4. Using Decorators With Methods 00:03:30
    5. Using Decorators With Parameters 00:04:29
    6. Using Decorators With Accessors 00:03:06

Product Information

  • Title: Mastering TypeScript Programming Techniques
  • Author(s): Tamas Piros
  • Release date: March 2018
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781787121416