Adding a particle system

We will start by creating a new particle system in the scene:

  1. In the menu bar, navigate to Game Object | Particle System to add this to the scene.
  2. Rename the particle system flameShoot.
  3. In the Hierarchy panel, expand the flamethrower game object by clicking on the small arrow next to its name so its child, muzzle, becomes visible in the list.
  4. Drag the new particle system onto the muzzle game object to parent it.
  5. Click on flameShoot to view its components in the Inspector.
  6. Zero out the Transform Position and Rotation values to center the particle system to muzzle.
  7. Reset all three Transform Scale values to 1 so that the particle system does not inherit the parent's scale:

    The default particle system scaled to the muzzle game object ...

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