Creating the particle shader

In Unity particle systems use a unique kind of shader. We will create this next:

  1. In the Project panel, click on the PACKT_Shaders folder to view its contents in the Assets panel.
  2. In an empty area of the Assets panel, create a new shader. Right-click and choose Shader | Unlit Shader.


    Unlit shaders do not respond to scene lighting. This makes them a great choice for particle effects that tend to use billboard textures rather than being actual geometry.

  3. Rename the new shader flameJet.
  4. Double-click on the shader to open it in MonoDevelop.
  5. In MonoDevelop, change the first line of the shader to match the following:
            Shader "PACKT/Unlit/flameJet" 

    Putting this shader in an Unlit subfolder will make it easy to select when ...

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