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Mastering Unreal Engine 4.x Game Development

Video Description

Climb the ladder of Game development with Unreal Engine 4.x

About This Video

  • Learn everything from setting up a new C++ Project to Basic Physics and Ray casting

  • Learn to build high standard games in Unreal Engine 4.x

  • Master the aspects of game development in Unreal Engine 4.x

  • In Detail

    A practical tutorial that shows real world solutions to create complex stunning games with amazing graphics powered by Unreal Engine 4.x The primary idea of this video is to help you create your own high standard game with Unreal Engine 4.x This course will be particularly useful for developers who have a basic understanding of Unreal Engine 4.x using blueprints, have a basic understanding of C++ and a good understanding of basic Computer Science concepts such as: Control Structures (if, while, for, switch, etc), Object Oriented Programming and Data Structures (Arrays, Queues, Maps, etc).