3.3. Editing The Excel Macro

In this section, you'll edit the Excel macro that you recorded in Chapter 1. This time, you won't create a new macro — instead, you'll add to the existing one.

3.3.1. Unhiding the Personal Macro Workbook

Before you can edit the Excel macro, you'll need to unhide the Personal Macro Workbook if it's currently hidden:

  1. Open the View tab on the Ribbon, then click the Unhide button in the Window group to display the Unhide dialog box.

  2. Select PERSONAL.XLSM, and click the OK button. If you stored the macro in another workbook, open that workbook before trying to proceed. To hide the Personal Macro Workbook again after editing the macro, click the Hide button on the Ribbon while the Personal Macro Workbook is active.

3.3.2. ...

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