3.7. Exploring vCenter Server's Management Features

After your ESX/ESXi hosts are managed by vCenter Server, you can take advantage of some of vCenter Server's management features. In this section, you'll take a quick look at the following:

  • Basic host management tasks in Hosts And Clusters inventory view

  • Scheduled tasks

  • Events

  • Maps

  • Host profiles

In the next few sections, you'll examine each of these areas in a bit more detail.

3.7.1. Understanding Basic Host Management

A great deal of the day-to-day management tasks for ESX/ESXi hosts in vCenter Server occurs in the Hosts And Clusters inventory view. From this area, the right-click context menu for an ESX/ESXi host shows some of the options available:

  • Create A New Virtual Machine

  • Create A New Resource ...

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