Creating the walk trail content page

In this section, we will begin building the user interface for our WalksTrailPage. This page is called when the user clicks on an entry within the ListView on our TrackMyWalks main content page and will be used to display information associated with the chosen trail:

  1. Create a new ContentPage called WalkTrailPage as you did in the section entitled Creating the walks main page, located within this chapter.
  2. Next, ensure that the WalkTrailPage.cs file is displayed within the code editor and enter the following highlighted code sections:
        // WalkTrailPage.cs
        // TrackMyWalks
        // Created by Steven F. Daniel on 04/08/2016.
        // Copyright © 2016 GENIESOFT STUDIOS. All rights reserved.
        using Xamarin.Forms;
        using TrackMyWalks.Models; ...

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