Appendix II. Sample Documents for Hiring a Controller

Included here are examples of three essential documents used in the MATCH hiring process (in this example, for a controller).

  1. Job description. The title should be an attention grabber that mentions both your type of company and the open position. Follow this title with:

    • The org chart, which allows the candidate to see very quickly where he or she will fit into the organization.

    • A brief description of the company and the primary, initial objectives. This section must include the size of the company and the industry.

    • More details of the skills, requirements, and other considerations. In this case, we have also added the salary. Many companies leave the salary off job descriptions. We do see some value in that, but in this case, the position is right in line with market, so no need to downplay it.

  2. Interview questions. An internally shared series of questions that would be asked to the candidates who are being interviewed. The idea to stress is that each candidate is asked the same questions so that you can compare apples to apples.

  3. Reference call questions. At least three references should be called for any candidate—in the case of controller, we'd suggest many more. As with the candidate interview questions, the questions should remain consistent for each reference to ensure a consistent comparison.

Sample Job Description

Controller with expected growth to CFO for expanding service organization Seeks Controller with Growth to CFO

Organizational ...

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