2B Double
3B Triple
AB At Bats
BA Batting Average
BABIP Batting Average on Balls in Play
BB Bases on Balls (Walks)
BCS Bowl Championship Series
BFP Batters Faced by Pitchers
CS Caught Stealing
D Down
DICE Defense-Independent Component ERA
DIPS Defense-Independent Pitching Statistics
DPAR Defense Adjusted Points above Replacement
DPY/A Defense-Passing Yards Per Attempt
DRP Defensive Rebounding Percentage
DRY/A Defense Rushing Yards Per Attempt
DTO Defensive Turnover
DTPP Defensive Turnovers Caused Per Possession
DVOA Defense Adjusted Value over Average
EFG Effective Field Goal Percentage
ERA Earned Run Average
EXTRAFG Extra Field Goal
FP Fielding Percentage
FG Field Goal

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