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McGraw-Hill's ASVAB, 3rd Edition

Book Description

We're ready to help you score your best on the ASVAB!

McGraw-Hill Education delivers the complete guide for recruits for all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. Packed with all the latest information about military enlistment, McGraw-Hill's ASVAB includes four full-length sample tests with strategies for answering every question type. Dr. Janet E. Wall, a former key member of the U.S. government's ASVAB team, is uniquely qualified to guide you through every step of the military entrance process. You'll learn tips for scoring high on all of the ASVAB subtests, and you'll find out about the rewarding jobs available to you in today's armed forces. If you're looking to launch an exciting military career, this all-in-one resource is the guide for you.


  • The latest information provided by the Department of Defense and the military
  • 4 full-length sample tests with complete explanations for every question
  • In-depth review of all test subjects, from algebra to shop tools
  • Proven strategies for the ASVAB subtests that determine if you are eligible for enlistment and job training programs
  • Actual ASVAB test directions, answer sheets, and score reports
  • Answers to your questions about military entrance

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. McGRAW-HILL’S ASVAB: Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, Third Edition
  3. Copyright Page
  4. CD Page
  6. Introduction
  7. PART 1 All About The ASVAB
    1. Chapter 1. Deciding on Military Service
      1. Opportunities in the Army
      2. Opportunities in the Navy
      3. Opportunities in the Air Force
      4. Opportunities in the Marine Corps
      5. Military Pay and Benefits
      6. Military Myths and Realities
    2. Chapter 2. Introducing the ASVAB
      1. What Is the ASVAB?
      2. Who Takes the ASVAB?
      3. Where Can You Take the ASVAB?
      4. Who Administers the ASVAB?
      5. Contact Information for the Military Entrance Processing Stations
      6. Can You Retake the ASVAB?
    3. Chapter 3. ASVAB Scores and Score Reports
      1. If You Take the ASVAB at a School
      2. If You Take the Paper-and-Pencil ASVAB at a Military
      3. If You Take the CAT-ASVAB at a MEPS
    4. Chapter 4. The ASVAB, the AFQT, and Military Entrance
      1. AFQT Scores and Eligibility for Enlistment
      2. Additional Educational Requirements
      3. Beyond the ASVAB
    5. Chapter 5. Taking the CAT-ASVAB
      1. How the CAT-ASVAB Works
      2. CAT-ASVAB Directions
      3. Special Strategies for Taking the CAT-ASVAB
      4. CAT-ASVAB Myths
    6. Chapter 6. Follow These Suggestions to Ace the ASVAB
      1. Seven Steps to Acing the ASVAB
      2. Taking Care of Your Body as Well as Your Brain
      3. How to Study
      4. The Day Before the Test
      5. The Day of the Test
      6. Test-Taking Pointers
  8. PART 2. ASVAB Diagnostic Test Form
    1. Answer Keys and Self-Scoring Charts
    2. Answers and Explanations
  9. PART 3. Review of All ASVAB Test Topics
    1. Chapter 7. General Science
    2. Chapter 8. Arithmetic Reasoning 1: The Basics
    3. Chapter 9. Arithmetic Reasoning 2: Word Problems
    4. Chapter 10. Word Knowledge
    5. Chapter 11. Paragraph Comprehension
    6. Chapter 12. Mathematics Knowledge 1: Algebra and Probability
    7. Chapter 13. Mathematics Knowledge 2: Geometry
    8. Chapter 14. Electronics Information
    9. Chapter 15. Auto Information
    10. Chapter 16. Shop Information
    11. Chapter 17. Mechanical Comprehension
    12. Chapter 18. Assembling Objects (CAT-ASVAB Only)
  10. PART 4. Three ASVAB Practice Test Forms
    1. ASVAB Practice Test Form 1
      1. Answer Keys and Self-Scoring Charts
      2. Answers and Explanations
    2. ASVAB Practice Test Form 2
      1. Answer Keys and Self-Scoring Charts
      2. Answers and Explanations
    3. ASVAB Practice Test Form 3
      1. Answer Keys and Self-Scoring Charts
      2. Answers and Explanations
  11. PART 5. Jobs in Today’s Military
  12. MediaCenter Page